Case study

The case study analyzes Madonna’s music career by identifying and evaluating various forces of her success since last 25 years. This analysis reveals that Madonna has been able to maintain her success since the start of her career that is very unlike with majority of successful people. She has a clear vision of what she wanted to do and has great flexibility in adapting the changes in the music industry. She is like a rolling stone that never stopped to evolve. By continuous renewal of her persona, she has always surprised her audience. She has always followed well-thought strategies to capture different niches to obtain a wider audience. The scope of her personal and professional activities was not limited to music industry rather she emerged as a successful entrepreneur, she worked in films, stage, and television. She became best selling children author. Engaged her in social work and contributed in charities.

Major Forces:

The analysis of the case shows that since Madonna’s start of a career in 1983 she emerged as a remarkable singer, entertainer, and entrepreneur. Her success is attributed to clear vision and continuous reinvention that was audience focused.

With the start of her career, she was very ambitious and focused mind. Her consistency and ambitious attitude did not let her erode with the passage of time. However, with the release of her every album and video, her success charts keep on moving in the upward direction. She has a very determined personality that keeps her moving. This ability is however very rare. Many successful people fall in the mid-career crises where they stop to adapt and are caught by their past success. This makes them gradually unpopular in their career and eventually out of the audience appreciation. This is a fact that almost every established artist fails to sustain its success, importance, and relevance at a particular point in time. However, Madonna never failed to be relevant in her career. She had a clear goal of her life and that was to achieve long-term success in her career. In order to accomplish her ambition, she focused on ‘Focused Differentiation’ strategy. She created differentiation in her products, her persona, music and by penetrating in niche markets and audience.


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