Complete course outline for HND in Business

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a skill-based practical qualification offered by several colleges and universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and many other countries, including Pakistan, India, Argentina, Kenya, and Nigeria.

The HND is mostly associated with universities in the UK, offering the same qualification or operating on behalf of the higher education authorities to offer such academic programs for authentication and clear prospects. However, various countries have also introduced higher education commissions and boards at the domestic level to internalize the academic process and reward programs for HND.

HND is a professional diploma program and is considered no less than a degree. It is equivalent to a two-year bachelor’s degree program. However, it cannot be accepted as a professional degree considering its status as a work-related diploma.

Besides, the students can enroll themselves in a degree program after completing their HND. The HND in the UK is considered equivalent to a BA Honors Degree. It also accounts for two years of professional studies and one year of extra study at a university.

The students have the choice to choose the diploma program that best suits their previous studies and educational goals and objectives. The purpose of HND is to equip students with excessive professional skills to standout in professional environments.

It also aims at capacity-building and skill development for specific degree programs. The students can extend the scope of their educational base after completing their respective diplomas. For instance, the HND diploma in business leads to the bachelor of business and management in any of the top universities in the UK.



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