Historical reason for the origins and spread of the Black Plague in Europe’s Essay

What is the historical reason for the origins and spread of the Black Plague in Europe’s?

Answer: there are several ships that come from Genoa, Italy and pulled at the harbour of the machine in Sicily. Everyone on the ship is going to be dead because of a mysterious plague. European black called it a mysterious death. Because victims have black swelling. The please is spread through the bites of flea and lice that live on infected rats.

  1. How did European Christian members of the elites and the subordinate classes interpret the cause for the appearance and spread of the plague?

Answer: the European Christian members, elite and the subordinate classes try to avoid it. The disease become much more last. People live in very crowded conditions. It often diminishes in the season of winter and reappears in the spring. in the land, everyone was going to be dead, and no one was alive. Most people viewed the plague as an act of God, a kind of divine punishment. Jews Christians and Muslims tried to purify themselves. Muslims purify themselves by fasting and praying.  Christian mostly blamed the non-believer for the epidemic.

  1. What measures did European Christian members of the elites and the subordinate classes take against its appearance and spread?

Answer: Plague spread through Plague has a remarkable place in history and has had enormous effects on the people. The Roman Empire may be linked to the spread of plague by Roman soldiers. The desire of political elites to manage the outlook and behaviour of the working classes.

  1. What “remedies” did European Christian members of the elites and the subordinate classes create to cure the plague and stop its presence?

|Answer: men have to confess their sins, many townspeople were healed by the flagellants. They dip clothes in a flagellant’s blood and preserve in the hope, they can save their family. The priest tried to stop the marches many people were convinced that only the flagellants were pure enough to cast out the spirit out.

  1. What measures did Christians, Jews and Muslims in Muslim areas of Europe and the Mediterranean take against its appearance and spread?

Answer|: Christian in Europe responded so differently to the plague. Muslims viewed the non-believer to obey the law of Islam, show respect for Islam, pay certain taxes and accept certain humiliations. The Christian mob in Europe carry out a religious mandate. They openly defended the pope religious and political leaders.

  1. Why were Jews targeted in Christian Europe, but neither Jews nor Christians were targeted under Muslim control?

Answer: in every town, the flagellants entered and murdered the Jews as the prisoner of the walls, Jews armed and fought back. They killed some of the attackers. They sacrifice in the name of Allah. Early Christians were persecuted for their faith at the hands of both Jews from whose religion Christianity arose and the Romans who controlled

They ordered that neither a Jew nor a convert may exercise legal authority over Christians, though these laws were targeted against the Jews, with them suffered the…

  1. What is Goldstein’s theory on why (most) members of the subordinate classes acted differently from (most) elites in their actions toward Jews during the plagues?

Answer: The members of subordinate classes acted differently on the outburst of plague. They take out the Jews from their houses and occupy their property. The elite class badly treated the Jews and convince the Jews to admit their sins. The Jews were put behind the bar. The Jews were taken out of their houses and badly injured their feeling. They were threatened without any reason.

  1. Which religions were represented among the European moneylenders around the 14th century and why would a wealthy person decide to become a moneylender?

Answer: some Jews become money lenders. The mob were made up of the people. The people were deeply in debt. They needed money for the business, family emergency or pay the taxes. In the fourteenth century. They can get the money from a money lender. Some Jews become money landers because of other occupations. Christian did not want this sin themselves. The participant felt the atmosphere of injustice and not equally treated with the others members of society. The Jews became the mainlander to start a trade and earn the money in others sources.

  1. Why did some wealthy Jews start moving into the moneylending business at the end of the 12th century?

Answer: Jews become start to the moneylender business and give money to others as a loan. The bowered had to provide the security to take the money. Jewish moneylender hatred because they charged 30% to 50 %. It is the need of the hour that rates were justified. Loans feel teh made it possible to build roads.

  1. What was a “serf of the exchequer” and what did this designation entail?

Answer: Serfdom is the status of many peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to memorialists. It was a condition of bondage, which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century. Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the lord of the land and works as a worker.

  1. What is Goldstein’s theory about why so many Christians in Late Medieval Europe thought evil of Jews?

The extra money on-lend the money is considered a sin. People felt guilt about the theft. The Jews adopted the profession of money lending to promote their business.

  1. What trend do we find in antisemitic acts in Europe during the second half of the 14th century and what specific reasons might a Jewish family have for moving east?

Answer: Christianity and antisemitism deal with the hostility of Christian Churches, urging the Middle Ages in Europe there was full-scale persecution of Jews. They moved to the east to show their individuality. East European Jews are reflected in their names

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