Casino and Hotel industry in the United States

Prairie Meadows Casino and Hotel

The Prairie Meadows Casino and Hotel is a company that is related to the Casino and Hoteling industry in the United States. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of United States allows sports betting on a commercial basis. The Supreme Court ruling withdrew the 1992 federal law related to sports betting (Adam Liptak, 2018). This decision will provide huge benefits to Casino and Hoteling industry in the United States. The Casinos can open sportsbook to take benefits from sports gambling. The Casino and Hoteling industry in the US is operated under the federal and state laws. The federal laws provide general regulations for Casino and Hotel industry. However, the state laws are specific regarding betting and lottery rules.

The federal laws for Casinos include the Interstate Wire Act, The professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act (, 2018). The State laws related to gambling include the betting rules and money acts. For instance, the Idaho state banned gambling in the best interests of the state and people (, 2018). So, any state can make laws for Casinos based on what it deemed best for the people. Currently, there are no pending laws related to Casinos and Hotels in the United States. The only pending and recent legislation related to Casinos was the decision of sports gambling (Roberts, 2018). However, it has been resolved by the Supreme Court.

After the Supreme Court’s verdict, the federal regulatory units have also lifted the ban on sports gambling. This decision will have a positive impact on marketing activities because we will be able to market a sports booking. There are no legal aspects left after the decision of the Supreme Court. The company is not selling anything that requires government approval. The products of the company are both federally and state regulated. The products category is also regulated after the Supreme Court decision. We only need to get a license from the Casino Control Board of the United States.


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