Break Free From Product Life Cycle-HBR Article Review

break free article review hbr

Main Point:

In brief, Break Free from Product Life Cycle explains how companies can win the competitive war by applying positioning and repositioning strategies to change their product life cycles.  These positioning strategies as a contrast to the old approach of following the ride down the product life cycle, allow companies to change their offering as the customer mentally categories them. Reverse positioning, breakaway, and stealth positioning are the innovative strategies that can help companies to exploit the vulnerability of established categories without having new technology. They also help them propel their products backward and forward into the lucrative growth phase. Furthermore, it has been found that companies can transform the whole category by taking these offensive positioning strategies that leave the competitors scrambling on the battlefield.

Lessons Learned:

What I have come to learn is how successful companies in different industries are playing with their product life cycles cleverly rather than just endlessly putting their products through the traditional ways of introduction to growth, maturity, and decline. I have observed how companies such as IKEA use Reverse Positioning to remain competitive and growing and puts their products backward from maturity to growth phase without argumentation rather than positioning its stores and furniture in a simple and different way. Similarly, the Breakaway positioning strategy also takes a backward step from maturity to the growth phase. Through it, companies associate their products to a different category by manipulating its pricing, distribution channel, and promotional mix Whereas Stealth positioning takes the entirely different approach of concealment and puts the product forward from its introduction to the growth phase.

Managerial Implications:     



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