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The research proposal is an essential element for students to pass their degrees. Therefore, it is important for them to write their research proposal in the best manner so that they can earn good grades in their research. 

However, it is important to understand that research writing is not an easy task, and it requires special skills and abilities to write a research. The most significant thing in this regard is to provide or to write a research proposal. 

It is actually a window for research, and it suggests a research topic. The research proposal is for the assessor, and the major aim of a research proposal is to tell an assessor that which topic is to be selected and which method would be used in research. In simple words.

It is good to say that students have to write a research proposal before every research to discuss their topic with their professor. They have to provide an introduction to the selected topic in the first place. 

The next important step in this regard is to tell about the scope of research and the methods that would be used to collect data for conducting this research.

Why Research Paper Writing Is Difficult For Students?

Some research topics need secondary data, and some use primary data. It depends upon the nature of the research or nature of a topic to select an appropriate research topic. 

In simple words, some researches have qualitative nature, while others have a quantitative nature. Therefore, it is important for students to select any of these research methods for collecting data regarding the topic according to its nature. 

Secondary data is used in those dissertations that do not need numerical evidence, and they use a literature review to support their arguments or evidence. 

Therefore, students can collect data from the internet, and they can use their campus library and other libraries in this regard for collecting this form of data. On the other hand, some researches need primary data, and the students have to use various data collection methods for collecting primary data for their researches. 

The first thing in this regard is to understand what primary data is? Primary data comprises numerical data, and it is present in the form of numerical values, equations, and graphs. 

Students can collect this form of data using various methods such as through structured or non-structured questionnaires, they can also use the survey method in this regard for collecting primary data for their research, and they can use interviews as well for collecting data for their research.

Analysis Method

Another significant thing that the assessor has to check-in the research proposal is the data analysis method that the student would use for analyzing collecting data for their research. 

It is important to analyze collected data as no students can find a data trend without analyzing gathered data from various means to have a data trend. Validating hypothesis is the major aim of data analysis. 

Therefore, students need to validate their hypothesis that they develop at the start of their research proposal regarding their subject or topic under investigation. Therefore, data analysis helps them tell whether their analyzed data is fulfilling their hypothesis, or it is not meeting their hypothesis criteria

Another significant aim of data analysis is that it helps students to devise a suitable and valuable conclusion for their research.

What Do We Need?

Nevertheless, it is evident from the above discussion that a research proposal helps students to meet with the assessor regarding their selected research topics. 

Students include an introduction to their selected research topic, the reason for selecting this topic, aims and objectives of the research, the scope of research, a brief literature review regarding their selected subject, data collection methods, data analysis methods, discussion, and conclusion.

Moreover, their research proposal must include various considerations in their research, such as ethical and legal considerations. Furthermore, they have to highlight major limitations or challenges that their research is facing or it can face in its future. 

In the same manner, a research proposal helps them tell about what future needs or requirements other scholars and researchers have to do or to fulfill for proceeding or continuing this research.

It means that each level of the research proposal tells about what the final research would include in it, and it is the major reason for calling a research proposal as a window of research as it provides a bird’s eye view of the final research report. 

Therefore, it is important for students to understand that each portion of a research proposal has its own requirements, and it has to be fulfilled using special skills such as analytical skills, critical analysis skills, and communication skills. 

Students have to adapt these skills for scoring higher grades in their research proposal and writing it a professional manner. In the same manner, writing a research proposal in the best manner is significant for students to get their research proposal approved by their professor or assessor.

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