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book Review-The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott


The new rules to marketing and PRby David Meerman Scott, contains latest updates of marketing trends in social media. It contains real world examples of successful people. The book is an international best seller and has been translated into 25 languages and its 300,000 copies have been sold worldwide. The book provides a step-by-step, gradual plan of action that let the reader to achieve a full grasp over the marketing and public relation strategies in order to directly communicate with the buyer and ultimately causing an increase in overall sales of the respective company. The book offers an insight on how people companies can manipulate web based sources for their advantage and collect the needed material and get web based consumers utilizing simple techniques. Whether big, small, profit or nonprofit, all the companies can utilize the given information to get the desired outcomes.

The book includes many real-world examples as in-detail case studies which contain the success stories related to both content and inbound marketing. Thus the book does not talk on theoretical basis but practically guide market people on how to access consumers effectively. The updated version of the book contains latest case studies, different examples and analysis of up-to-date modern tools like usefulness of Pinterest and Instagram for sharing photographs and applications like Infographics. Moreover the book provides detailed information on the marketing use of social media websites such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. 

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