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Book Summary People Smart: Developing your Interpersonal Intelligence


Despite the fact, the business world is increasingly becoming global where most of the work is being automated while reducing the manpower requirements, still we have to stay in the people business as we deal with or work with the people all the time. One by following this eminently practical guide will be able to be smarter enough to succeed in the present business world where soft skills are high in demand.

The authors of “PeopleSmart”, Mel Silberman and professor and coordinator of the Adult and Organizational Development Program have outlined the eight essential skills of becoming peoplesmart and developing interpersonal intelligence and provided a plan for becoming more effective in every relationship such as personal, professional and social relationships-with managers, colleagues, a spouse, family and friends.

This book basically works as a step-by-step guide showing people how to develop the eight key skills of interpersonal intelligence: understanding people, expressing oneself clearly, asserting needs, exchanging feedback, influencing others, resolving conflict, being a team player and shifting gears. The five step plan  for self-improvement presented in the book reflects a it and  realistic approach to see the current depth of each skill in ourselves and help us learn more about, develop it, and inspire u to live it daily.

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