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International Marketing Report Three: Goods and Services-Russian Market

Good and Services:

I have chosen exporting IT based medical treatment services to Russian, as it would enable U.S-based physicians and doctors to do remote diagnosis in major public and private hospitals in Russia.  This services based exporting would tap the un-saturated Russian health-services where there is huge potential for future growth as the Russian is the 9th largest country in the world by population, where only 20% people have access to quality healthcare services (USRussiaTrade, 2011). At present its health expenditures remain low as represented by per capita health care spending of US$ 42 which is lower than European standards. There is also poorly managed medical insurance which does not ensure proper medical treatment in every region. Furthermore, its bureaucratic and inefficient healthcare system provide healthcare which varies from region to region. Nonetheless, due to sustained GDP growth and government’s national health projects to improve healthcare system, IT-based medical treatment services would tap growing needs of the Russians for quality healthcare services (USRussiaTrade, 2011).

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