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Business Books Summaries

Business Books Summaries: You will be able to explore immense range of free business books summaries, business books reviews, book summaries free online, leadership book summaries free and full book summaries free. 

Author David Meerman Scott is an expert in marketing strategies. He is the author of eight internationally best seller books. He is also a professional speaker and a successful businessman. Before starting his own business he was working as Vice President of Marketing in the publicly traded companies of…

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The book titled, " The Lexus and Olive Tree: Understanding globalization " is written by Thomas L. Friedman. 

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In Leveraging Good Will: Strengthening Non-profits by Engaging Business, author has delivered the text that is of great importance for non-profit governance improvement. Korngold has poured the light over the facts that how the non-profit organizations must recruit, attract, orient and deploy the volunteers from different enterprises, persistent with…

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‘Shades of Leadership’ by Thomas Smith was declared Finalist for 2013 USA Best Book Award. The book consists of essays which are relevant to the leaders of today. The reason to choose this book is that this book takes an unorthodox look at the leadership. Smith has explained leadership…

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