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Review-Technology and culture in Greek and Roman antiquity by Cuomo, S 2007

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The author is of the opinion that in the ancient time, the Romans and the Greeks were aware of the technology and not only this, but they used various forms of technology in their time to perform their daily routine activities.The principles that were used by the machineries at that time were the significant and are used in anyway in today’s world. He has focused over the human power that was employed in the ancient time to get the heavy work done. The main focus is over the Greek and the Roman civilization and the technology that started evolving from that time. The persons at that time constructed a number of the things to secure themselves. These things are being used in today’s world too.

The engineers at that time invented a number of things that are under use in today’s world. For instance, the modern shape of the wheel is because of those engineers. They were disciplined in using the power of the humans and due to which, they made and played a crucial role in shaping the technology that is being used by the people in today’s world. It will be justified to say that the inventions at that time are still the part of the modern era in any way. The author has made sure that his work will make the people aware of the old civilizations and their impact over the modern time. 

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