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A Review on the Ancient Greece by Don Nardo

History Of Greek

This book is also about the history of Greek, its traditions, festivals, practices, beliefs and culture. He defined that the Greece was not ever a united country in its ancient times. Their systems were somehow alike with the tribal systems that is why there was repeated and regular fights among Greeks at that times in among different cities. With the help of this book, I have got various perspectives after learn about the Greek evolution of conflicts and battles in this immensely enjoyable and enlightening book.

The evolution of the warfare in the society was obviously due to the great minds, philosophers and thinkers of Greeks. It is evident that the western society of current era is indebted to the Greeks for the philosophical and sociological foundations of Greek thinkers. Don Nardo described various methods and policies of the warfare of that time, in the chapter “Bronze Swords”. Development of weapons to conquest the enemy is also conversed in the chapter “Charging Chariots and Epaminondas”. In this chapter he also discussed the revolution and advancement in the Military Strategies and Greek Warships about their Squads of wars. These chapters covers the boxes of particulars and statistics that address the particular subjects in better detail, which is also very accommodating to comprehend the Greek History such as “The Slaughter at Salamis”, “Hellenistic Fortifications” and“Traditional Hoplite Rituals”.

This book illustrated the maps and numerous intricate battle tactics and policies to show pleasingly in black-and-white pictures while photographs of ancient artifacts appeared rather dull. This book is amazing for the antagonistic history scholars and other individuals who wanted to be acquainted with about Greek history in the easiest way

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