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Book review on Lipstick Jihad: a memoir of growing up Iranian in America and American in Iran. Azadeh Moaveni

The respective writing was her first book illustrating and narrating her own journey from United States of America to Iran. The book shows two different living styles in two regions of the world. The author gets the chance to experience living in an Islamic Middle Eastern Country after living her whole life in the western world (specifically The United States of America). Through this, she got a chance to enjoy both liberal and conservative cultural living ending up to her searching for her identity.

The story is about a daughter of Iranian immigrants who got settled in a region named California situated in the United States of America. The story starts when after working in an American time magazine as a reporter, she got a chance to visit Iran after several years of her life. But she faced a new face of Iranian population that amazed her at every point. A contrasting population is found in Iran where two group of people were witnessed fighting against each other mainly. The mullahs were the revolutionists in one hand who emerged as a result of Islamic Revolution of 1979, whereas the new generation of the century was the other group on the other hand that wanted to live a life of freedom and comparative liberal values. 

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