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A book review Millionaire Women Next Door

A book review Millionaire Women Next Door

The book, Millionaire women next door focuses about the women empowerment in the business related fields. In this book differences of women with men are explained during working in fields of business. This book was selected for review because it has showed the questionnaires with millionaire women who had net worth of more than 1 million dollars. In those questionnaires, their lifestyle, questions about balanced life and wealth distribution were asked.

This book has mixed the themes of different previous books like the millionaire mind and the millionaire next door. The story of the millionaire women of US has been explained about their lifestyle and the family. Sociological effects of business on women and their social life have been well described in this book.  The life of women gets disturbed when they come in business because they get so much busy in their life they don’t find any time for children and husband. The life of millionaire women is so much different from millionaire men in one aspect that mostly men marry someone and remain attached to them for whole life but mostly women get divorced when they come in business fields. Mostly millionaire women don’t force their children to follow their path to get success. They observe the mentality and capability of their children and then allow them to choose their area of interest to make future.

In this book, there are some lines which force to read again and again and make you feel like you are not wasting time in reading this. The story about the women was explained who just married the male who were the stupidest or losers so that they may not be able to restrict their wives from working in the offices or doing business. Some were come from a very backward and awkward background whose families were dysfunctional and they no support of families. They came independently and started to work in offices on their own and were quite successful after sometime. The statement about women modesty and trying in not to waste money after being millionaire surprised me more than anything.

 This book has some aspects which urge to change thinking about leading life of children and to change the behaviour. The author urges the women not to work in offices but work in their homes to make their children confident and well educated and run family offices so that each child gets equal opportunity and groom their life. In current scenario of society, women work in the offices from morning to evening and they have no time to look after their children and personal life. Due to this reason, mostly families get stuck into crisis and get separated. To meet this challenge, author has urged the women to be in their house and try to make their children millionaire in future by parenting them.

This book has given me reasons to work hard. Some of the variables are discussed which can help to lead a life to success. Women are always thought to be victim of man’s inhumanity. But it is not true all the times. The way of getting millionaire by getting married with the Marginal Bob is not good enough. Life should be balanced with the family as well as the work. Women should help their husband to work earned and earn money so that women can help their children in study and work. Women should run office in family. Women are thought to be much more intelligent than men in management. Household budget and everything thing should be managed by women. In a nutshell this book was quite interesting and it has convinced me to admit that women should study well and prepare their family for better work in future. (Stanley, 2004)

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